The In’s and Out’s of a Big Profession

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Property management is an unpretentious term for a profession comprised of a huge range of expertise.  Property managers need to be able to handle customer service, legal disputes, collections, tenant complaints, neighbor conflicts, repairs, maintenance personnel, vendors, inspectors, emergencies and more!  Considering the demand placed on a rental property management company, it is easy to see why Alpine Kansas City greatly benefits from strong business processes.

Alpine Kansas City places a strong focus on constant improvement and efficiency as a key factor, as well as communication and automation.

Communication between phone calls, text messages, emails and walk in traffic, can easily become chaotic if not handled correctly.  Documentation is very important.

Alpine Kansas City has found great success in having a 24/7 emergency line and ensuring all owners, tenants and staff communicate within the online portals.  This serves as documentation for all correspondence, reduces phone calls to the minimum and eliminates scattered information.  Having established communication policies ensures efficiency for staff, owners, and tenants alike.

Downloading the Propertyware app on your smart phone can expedite conversation with Alpine Kansas City.  The app is free and easy to use.

As the year comes to a close, we look to the horizon for continued successes and improvement that benefit you.

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