Protect your home from flash flooding

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With the rRainecent heavy rains and forecast for continued storms throughout the week, the Alpine team wants to remind all tenants of a few tips to protect your home.

–  Keep gutters free and clear of debris, i.e. leaves, twigs, etc., to help properly deflect water away from your property and keep your home dry.

– If your home has a basement, remember to store any items you want protected from leaks off the floor using pallets, shelving, or other strucutres. Missouri terrain makes sunken foundations, especially those in older homes, prone to some seepage during extremely wet weather.

– Be proactive! If you are experiencing leaks, move any items you do not want damaged away from the source and place buckets or other items below ceiling leaks to catch drips.

– If you live in an earth-contact homes or other house with a main level partially underground, sandbags can be used to direct water away from your property. If you do not sandbag or water finds its way in around sandbags, use a push broom to remove the bulk of the water and place fans to dry any remaining dampness.

As always, Alpine Maintenance is happy to help in the event your home does take on water. Please let the maintenance team know of any leaks or flooding in a timely manner so we can send a crew to asses the situation and make necessary repairs. If a leak goes unreported, you risk structural damage to the property. Maintenance issues can be reported through your Tenant Portal or by calling 816-800-5115.

Alpine Property Management is not repsonible for personal items damaged by leaks or floods, and we strongly recommend securing Renter’s Insurance to cover such damages. This can often be purchased through your car insurance agency for a minimal monthly cost.


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