Rently Terms of Service

1) By registering with Rently, and using it to view our properties, you understand and agree that Alpine Kansas City assumes no liability for wet, icy, slick, or snowy conditions. View at your own risk.

2) Alpine Kansas City will never ask you to wire or send money. We will never tell you to keep keys from a lockbox, or that we will mail you keys or a lease. ANY request to do so is a scam and should be reported to us immediately, at 816-343-4520. All funds are paid in our office.

3) Alpine Kansas City reserves the right to charge your credit card on file, should you damage the property during your visit, commit theft from the property, fail to secure the property when you leave, or keep the keys to a property. You will also be banned from using Rently nationwide, permanently.

By proceeding with your viewing, you agree to all above terms and conditions.