Inspiration Comes in Unexpected Places

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Nowadays, I am working in Real Estate investing: selling houses that produce income for the buyer. Not too long ago, a young man walked into Alpine Kansas City. In one hand he held up the county record for a property we owned, and in the other, ca$h! It didn’t matter to him if the property was for sale, or what the condition, nor did he ask the price. He was seeking opportunity. Success.

After speaking with him, I learned his parents are immigrants from Mexico and he was born in LA. At 12 years old, he moved to Kansas City with his Dad, learned to swing a hammer, and work hard. Since he was old enough to earn a paycheck, he has been working at Denny’s. In his 12 year career there he has risen to manager. After working his first shift, he picks up a second at McDonald’s. With that cash, he purchases investment properties. How many? “A few,” he says.
He is hustling, making it happening, investing in his future. There is a lot to learn from from this young man, but the take away, TAKE ACTION!

Capitalizing on the opportunities, seizing responsibility, and treating success as your duty.

To your success….Eddie V.

Aquisitions Manager – Alpine Kansas City

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