Partnership for Crime Free Housing

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Alpine Kansas City is a proud participant in the Mid-America Crime Free program.  Mid-America Crime Free is a non-profit organization that assists the Police in keeping neighborhoods and apartment complexes free from illegal activity. The staff is certified in Advance Management Techniques and can identify and alleviate key contributors, both environmental and physiological, that help resolve common liability issues.

The partnership between the Crime Free officers and Alpine Kansas City helps to strengthen our position as local property managers and develops a strategy for continued neighborhood improvement.  Partnerships, such as these, has proven to be very successful with the reduction of criminal activity and an improved quality of life for our residents.  Our managers have been successful participants in the program for many years.

On a monthly basis, our staff attends a professional development class.  This opportunity has broadened the spectrum of my staff and the services we provide. We look to continue to learn and improve.

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Angie P. is a valued participant in the Crime Free program and has been recognized for her partnership with officers in developing and applying strategies for safe living.

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